BridleWoodBlooms offers buckets of fresh flowers for you to make your own arrangements - This option is perfect for DIY weddings and special events on a smaller budget!

Be sure to enlist close friends or family to help with this naturally last minute task of designing beautiful arrangements for your special day. If this is your forte, enjoy the moment with a best friend, it will be fun and memorable! If it feels overwhelming, know that we are happy to split the job with you. Many couples opt to decorate their reception with our DIY blooms, but choose our A-La-Carte bouquets for their personal flowers. Nothing makes an occasion more enchanting than showcasing beautiful, local flowers, you feel great about, and can enjoy stress free!   

All of our flowers are unique to each season, which means that available varieties change from week to week.   

When desired, we always try our best to accommodate specific color schemes, and above all we focus on harvesting the most beautiful and fresh blooms available in the field at the time of your wedding.  Buckets are considered "Growers Choice" unless otherwise specified. Dahlias, peonies, lilies and large sunflowers are sold separately by the stem and are not included in DIY buckets. While blooms can last up to a week if properly cared for, we recommend picking up your buckets no more than 2 days before your event for maximum freshness. We do not offer pick-your-own as an option.


Growers-choice buckets bursting with seasonal blooms are $85 each. Color-specific buckets are $95 each.  For reference, one bucket will fill about 5-7 quart-sized mason jars and there are 70-100 stems per bucket - the exact number of stems always depends on what is currently blooming. Buckets are only available from June through September 20 (the exact date depends on our first frost). There is a 2 bucket minimum for all DIY weddings and events.

Once your order is placed, please send along a deposit of 50% to confirm your date on our calendar!


We are happy to meet with you for an hour ($50 consultation fee) to help you plan out your arrangements, offer ideas and calculate the number of stems you will need, to accomplish all the bouquets you are hoping to make.
In trying to estimate for yourself, we suggest making a mock-up arrangement, so you get a sense of how many stems you’ll need for each one. When estimating totals, make sure you add 5 to 10% extra just in case of breakage or last minute additions - it’s easier to have a little too much than a little too few ... we know!

Buckets may be picked up at our design studio at a prearranged time. There is a $20 bucket deposit (for the bucket/s alone) which is fully refundable upon return of clean buckets.

Thank You for your interest in our fresh, local, seasonal blooms, we wish you much joy and success on your special day!

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